Ultra Axles for Electric Drill

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Flexible, durable, inexpensive axle for electric drills. Weights only 1/5 of the normal axle.


Standard lengths of 6, 10 and 15 meters. Also other lengths available on order.


All AirPower brushes for round ducts can be used with the Ultra Axle (except concentrator brushes).


The brush head is equipped with a bearing. A grease press is provided with the axle.


The Ultra Axle can be used with all AirPower brushes to clean round ducts. The axle remains its shape also when using greater torque (doesn’t turn into a spiral).


(Diameters of all axles are the same)

VIHREÄ, käyttöalue 100-200.
PUNANEN, käyttöalue 160-315.
SININEN, käyttöalue 200-630.
MUSTA, käyttöalue 315-1000.

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